Linen- the ‘Ultralin’ campaign takes over Paris

For the Parisian square, designer Philippe Nigro has devised a 250 m2 stage and linen field where visitors will walk through a succession of decorative installations up to 7 m high, which trace the fibre’s transformation into a wide array of products.

Linen- the 'Ultralin' campaign takes over Paris

Nearby rue des Francs-Bourgeois will be outfitted with majestic linen lanterns, and partner retailers in the area will offer a linen-based range of products. Many retailers, including Bensimon and Petit Bateau, will decorate their shop-windows with hearts inscribed with  ‘J’aime le Lin’ (I love linen). Merci will set up its own linen field and the Cyrillus brand is already running a special feature on linen on its e-commerce site.

Large-format images of a linen field in bloom will adorn the four façades of the nearby BHV department store in Paris’s Marais district. Two of the store’s display windows will demonstrate the steps involved in processing linen fiber into material for a designer chair. The linen event is timed to take advantage of both the Paris’ Designer Days and the European Sustainable Development Week, taking place from May 30 to June 5.

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