Coats launches BCI certified thread

The UK-headquartered company makes enough thread to go into 8 billion pairs of jeans every year.Its two new cotton threads, Tre Cerchi Vero and Tre Cerchi Vero+, are made from sustainable raw materials. The latter is also Cradle to Cradle-approved for its dyes and chemicals, which ensures it is free of harmful substances including pesticides.

Adrian Elliott, president of apparel and footwear at Coats, commented: “As our customers strive to achieve their sustainability goals, we can support them by exploring innovative solutions and products which are independently verified as being made from sustainable raw materials.”We are doing our part to contribute to an end product that the consumer can trust has been made as sustainably as possible and without compromising on quality and performance.”The new launches are part of Coats’ efforts to provide sustainable threads for the clothing and footwear industry. Last year it also launched EcoVerde, a new product range featuring 100%  recycled sewing thread.

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